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Photos through the years

5 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

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  2. I think you’re so brave for posting all of these photos! Hopefully I’ll be able to do the same someday. I don’t have nearly as many as you, though, because I spent so much time forbidding people to take my picture because I hated my appearance.

    I have a picture from my high school graduation that looks remarkably similar to yours. We wore the same red robes. I pulled the picture out the other day and I was mortified. I graduate from college next December, and I’m hoping to get a better looking picture then. That’s what I want my before/after (or more like during) comparison photos to be, I think: high school graduation vs. college graduation. I hope I’ll look and feel MUCH better by then!

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    • We don’t have any major events coming up any time soon, but I’m pretty vain and just want to be able to take pretty pictures with my husband and not worry about whether or not I’m rocking a double chin or ginormous butt. I actually should look and see about pulling some photos from when I had gotten down to 230 before. I believe that by my wedding, I was back up to 260 or so.. then by the following summer (at the friend’s wedding, 2011), I was around 330, I’d say. So on the bright side, I am closing in on wedding weight now!!


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