Spring Came Early!

I live in central Pennsylvania, so I’m normally buried under snow drifts and shivering in sub-zero temperatures this time of the year. This year? No way, Jose! The last few days have been absolutely gorgeous, hitting nearly 70 degrees at times. Is it likely to last? No. BUT I think that makes it even sweeter, and I’m enjoying it while it’s here.

The biggest impact of this weather (other than on my mood) is that it makes me want to be outside to soak it in. I’ve been going for walks with the baby (who is also loving the nicer weather), trying to get those steps in. My daily goal is 5000 steps, but I’ve been aiming for 7000, and I’ve been doing pretty alright! These walks have taken the place of my time on the recumbent bike.

All’s been well on the diet front since Friday. I had a pretty big binge on Thursday that included 2 dinners, but I bounced back. I’ve been journaling to try to nail down my triggers, and honestly… I can’t figure this one out. I was fine, had recently had a snack along with plenty of water that day when all of a sudden, I was pulling into a drive-thru. And later, I pulled into another drive-thru even though I was still full from the first time.

It’s silly of me to hope that I will never binge again, but it doesn’t change the extreme disappointment and shame every time it happens. During the first year of my “rebirth,” I didn’t binge — at all. But as soon as I did it once, it was like my body remembered how  wonderful it felt and never wanted to go without it again. I haven’t been able to get it under control for more than a few weeks at a time since then.

My next doctor’s appointment is on Wednesday, and I’m nervous about how she’ll react when I tell her about the past 3 weeks since she was so pumped up, positive and encouraged at my last visit when I’d lost 12 pounds. I hate disappointing people. I also need to prove to her that I am dedicated to making a change if I ever do decide that I want to move in the direction of a weight loss surgery.

I’m not sure that I’ve explained the way I’ve been doing my meal planning this time around. I don’t have all the time that I had before the kiddo came along to spend so much time prepping meals on Sunday, so I created an Excel template that allows me to 1. Plan my lunches/dinners for the week, 2. Create my shopping list as I go, and 3. Save these plans so I can easily go back through for inspiration. The usual plan is to make enough at dinner to provide leftovers for lunch the following day. I also periodically compile and freeze a few meals to make life easier (oven, crock pot, and skillet meals). Here is my dinner meal plan for the week:

  • Saturday: Skinny Beef Casserole
  • Sunday: (amended) Turkey sandwich
  • Monday: Ground pork and cabbage
  • Tuesday: Ritz cracker chicken with steamed asparagus
  • Wednesday: Meat loaf (freezer meal) served with sweet potatoes and green beans
  • Friday: Eat out/leftovers


  • Skinny Beef Casserole was pretty good, but could have used Worcestershire sauce, though I did use crushed tomatoes from our garden that I canned after a harvest last summer instead of tomato sauce like it called for.
  • Ground pork and cabbage was phenomenal just as written. Could maybe have used a touch more turmeric. I also divided into 4 servings instead of 3.

How’s your week??

New Beginning

So, the last time we talked, I announced that I was pregnant. I’ve read one too many weight loss blog that turned into a pregnancy blog that immediately lost me as a reader to know that I didn’t want to go that route with my blog.

That being said, I’m a mom!


With my second re-birthday on the horizon, I’m feeling a little sentimental, so let’s catch up! The day I found out I was pregnant, I weighed 219.0 pounds. The day I delivered, I tipped the scales at about 282 (I think). I gave birth to a beautiful little 7 pound 2 ounce baby in mid-May and officially weighed 240.0 pounds as soon as the fluid melted away (within about two weeks). Since then, however, I have battled the following things:

  • Breastfeeding hunger
  • My baby’s milk protein allergy (meaning I went dairy free)
  • A lingering sweet tooth from quitting smoking
  • The inability to bring myself to routinely prepare healthful and appealing meals while caring for a needy newborn

As a result, I somehow weighed 257 lbs at my doctor’s appointment on Monday of this week.

In spite of all of this, I need to pause to remind myself that I used to weigh 353.4 pounds and even though I’ve gained weight, I’m still nowhere near 353.4 pounds. So, how do I get back on track? Honestly, I’ve become complacent and fallen into the not tracking and not caring trap once again, though for most of my pregnancy, I did track my food. Lately, I’ve been so consumed by the baby that the “nice” thing I do for myself is eat horrible food that tastes amazing but is leaving this totally saggy gut in its wake.

Since having the baby, I initially started by making one goal each day to get back into the swing of things. My house is now back in order, the baby has a routine, so now I need to take those few poorly executed attempts at meal planning that just haven’t panned out and actually get back in the saddle.

How did I do this before? How did I lose 133 pounds in one year? I started with simple guidelines. I reread my first month’s recap where I discussed the keys to my success that first month. I’ve had so many false starts with tracking my food over the past few months, and now with the baby, the last thing I want to do is to have to remember one more thing like tracking every little thing I eat. The answer? My very own advice:

  1. Simply filling.
  2. No soda or booze for the first month.
  3. If I’m hungry, I’m going to eat.
  4. No obsessing.

The other way I set myself up for success? I religiously wrote in this blog and posted my weekly weigh-ins, milestones, measurements, everything.

I’m going to take tonight and tomorrow to prep my grocery list and pantry for the week ahead. Friday will be my first official postpartum weigh-in!

How are the rest of you doing?

Dinner with the In-Laws

Tomorrow, my in-laws are taking my husband and me out for our anniversary: dinner and a movie. Restaurant of choice? Applebee’s.

It’s really nice of them to treat us, and I love spending time with them (I got pretty lucky in the in-law lottery), but I’m sort of dreading it. I’d rather they came over here and let me cook something awesome!

So, I’ve been scouring the nutrition information online. With my weigh-in on Monday, I’m especially concerned with excessive amounts of sodium, especially since I have a definite problem with water retention. I’m so glad that I didn’t just go by the Points values of this food. Sure, Applebee’s has a Weight Watchers menu, but that “healthy” food is absolutely LOADED with sodium.

Applebees WW Nutrition

To put this in perspective:


Source: CDC Data

All but 2 of those “healthy” options provide more than the adequate daily intake amount of sodium. No, thanks.

Coming in at 9 PointsPlus and 900 mg of sodium: the winner is the regular Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with no dressing… and about 700 glasses of water.

Applebees Salads

Still not much of a winner. I’m going to be hungry in an hour! I’m seriously considering stashing some snacks in my purse to eat during the movie when my mother-in-law isn’t looking at me. I also might eat a very large lunch/snack before we meet up with them. I don’t want to make them feel bad, and I don’t want to be ungrateful! I also want to do what’s best for me!

My awesome husband tells me he’s in my corner and is going to order whatever I order. He just keeps getting better!

Domestic Goddess

I have had a crazy productive day, in spite of waking up way later than I wanted to (it was 9:00).

  • I went grocery shopping

I did ok.

  • I threw this chicken Parmesan soup in the crock pot
  • I made 7 freezer meals (thanks to a suggestion by my sister-in-law!)

Please ignore the mass amounts of frozen vegetables haphazardly strewn through my freezer.

  • I made 6 breakfast sandwiches (egg, veggie sausage, and cheese) to also be frozen
  • I made 4 containers of apple overnight oats (apple pie and apple/peanut butter/pumpkin)
  • I folded some clothes
  • I claimed all my grocery rebates on Checkout 51, Ibotta, and Receipt Hog

Now I’m looking for something else to do! I’m planning to go for a walk later this evening when it cools down a little.

In other news, I totally bought 20 Yoplait Greek yogurts for $4 yesterday. I call that a big win.

I’m feeling a little apprehensive about tomorrow’s weigh in. Not that my food choices were off, but I feel like I am getting to the point where (at some point), I will have to have a week where I don’t lose. I’m making sure to drink plenty of water today and watch my sodium intake just in case!

How is your weekend??

Weekend Prep

So, I did manage to stay on track the rest of the week, and I didn’t even switch back to regular PP tracking. I’m pretty proud, though my husband did give into his sympathy cravings. He’s skinny and can do stuff like that. Ugh!

In other news, I am having a super productive weekend. I spent most of yesterday planning my shopping list and getting my coupons in order. Today, I did my grocery shopping, submitted my receipts to Checkout 51 and Receipt Hog (thanks to rowmangham’s tips!!), trimmed/labeled/bagged all my meat for the freezer, and started cooking to get a jumpstart for lazy weeknights. I will post the recipes later this evening. Oh, and my husband is currently doing all the dishes from my awesome cooking spree. I consider that a win.

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