Blogger Care Package Swap: Round One Update

I apologize for the delay! I started a new job this week, and things have been hectic, to say the least. I’ve been exhausted!

You should have all received the person to whom you have been assigned to send a care package. If you didn’t receive this email, please let me know as soon as possible ( I said in the email, please try to send this out by the end of the month! When you receive your package, it would be fun for you to post a picture on your blog, but that’s not required 🙂

I hope you all have fun with this! I’m looking forward to seeing how this pans out!

8 thoughts on “Blogger Care Package Swap: Round One Update

  1. Oo, I hope this works out for you guys! I think it’s a great idea! I wanted to do it but I am bad at this kind of thing and was worried I might not get anything sent out, which wouldn’t have been cool. Maybe someday when I’m better at being a responsible human being I’ll try it 🙂 Let us know how it goes!

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