1,000 Extra Step Challenge Results – Month 1

I started out this challenge with a goal of 5,000 steps per day. In the first week, I found it wasn’t much of a struggle to hit that on days that I spent in the office, so I changed it to 6,000 per day during week 2. It gave me an extra push to get up and move around during a regular work day, and during my work from home days (usually twice a week), it gave me a reason to go outside and walk a mile or two!

Step Challenge Month 1

I lost 11.4 pounds during this challenge. That’s amazing! I’ve also found that I genuinely enjoy going for walks. I live near a river, and even though it’s been cold and snowy, it’s been nice to walk down that way and enjoy the scenery.

There was a time when I wouldn’t have attempted that walk for fear of not being able to make it back. There’s a pretty large hill on the way home, and that was a major deterrent for me – but not anymore. I even walked across the river bridge to the next town and walked around over there a few times. I feel like this challenge and my overall weight loss have given me so much to look forward to. In the near future, D and I are planning to walk over to try this new little cafe in the town across the bridge. We had been considering doing it today, but it’s snowing again.

As for next month, I’m switching my step goal to 7,000. It seems daunting, but I did exceed that amount of steps on many days this past month. Is it weird that I’m kind of looking forward to it??

Those of you participating in the challenge: how did it go? Did you learn any new things about yourself along the way? Will you be participating in this coming month?

2 thoughts on “1,000 Extra Step Challenge Results – Month 1

  1. Great job 🙂 When you said “I’ve also found that I genuinely enjoy going for walks.” I was like Yes! It’s so therapeutic for me, and I am glad to see other people enjoying this “challenge” too!

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