Week 27 Weigh-In: 25% Goal Edition

It feels weird writing this post when I just finished writing last week’s, but WOW! Something big happened this week.

  • Starting Weight: 353.4 lbs
  • Last Week: 269.8 lbs
  • Current Week: 265.0 lbs
  • This week’s change: -4.8 lbs
  • Change overall: -88.4 lbs
  • 25% goal met destroyed!

Honestly, this was a surprise. I stepped on and off the scale at least 10 times and moved it around to a couple of different places, but the result was the same every time! As I mentioned before, this week was carb city, and I blew through most of my weekly PointsPlus allowance.


I believe the deciding factor in this week’s major, major scale victory was Rachael’s walking challenge! I have been pretty diligent about hitting my daily goal of 6k (my first week’s goal was 5k, but I found that wasn’t much of a stretch).

I made these collages before I had finished Sunday’s steps, but you get the point. I had a VERY good week, activity-wise, last week.

As for meeting my goal, I’ve decided to indulge in Philosophy’s Microdelivery Peel. I used it last winter, and my skin never looked better! I’ve avoided buying it since then because it’s so expensive, but I think that being 3/4 the size I used to be warrants an expensive, luxurious gift for myself! And seriously, if you ever get your hands on this stuff, use it. You won’t regret it!

How was your week?

17 thoughts on “Week 27 Weigh-In: 25% Goal Edition

    • Thank you so much! I’ve found that the challenge has helped me to be more cognizant of the amount of time I spend sitting around doing nothing. I’m glad she came up with it!


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