Measuring Up: Month 6

Can you believe it? Six whole months! In some respects, it feels like I’ve been at this forever (I guess I technically have been), but the last 6 months have absolutely flown by.

Total Inches Lost: 33.0″

Waist to Hip Ratio: 0.707 (WOWZA, va-va-voom! Haha)


  • Starting: 49″
  • Last month: 41.25″
  • Current: 41.0″
  • Overall Change: -8.0″

Right Bicep:

  • Starting: 21.0
  • Last month: 18.5″
  • Current: 17.25″
  • Overall Change: -3.75″


  • Starting: 51″
  • Last month: 43.25″
  • Current: 43.25″
  • Overall Change: -7.75″

Right Thigh:

  • Starting: 35.5″
  • Last month: 32.0″
  • Current: 30.0″
  • Overall Change: -5.5″


  • Starting: 66″
  • Last month: 58.0″
  • Current: 58.0″
  • Overall Change: -8.0″

I think it’s very interesting that in the beginning, I pretty uniformly lost weight everywhere. Now, I’m seeing big changes in one area and no change in other areas! For example, I lost TWO WHOLE inches from my right thigh this month, but my bust stayed the same as last month! Last month, I lost 2 inches from my hips, and this month they stayed the same. And what’s up with losing 1.25″ from my right bicep? How does THAT happen in only a month’s time?

I don’t know how many of you follow me on Instagram, but the other day I posted a comparison shot that I want to share here.


In the first photo, I had already lost about 50 pounds (304.4). The second photo is about 35 pounds different from the first (271.4). I couldn’t believe the difference that 35 pounds made. My shoulders are less broad. I can see a difference in my ELBOWS. Obviously, the most noticeable difference is in my hips. They don’t seem to be up so high as they were before. Of course, I had just finished working out in the first photo, and in the second one I had just finished getting ready for work. It does sort of make me feel bad for bigger Alison… always represented in such an unfortunate manner. I avoided full-body photos before. BUT I did find this face shot from the day before I started on my journey.


It honestly upsets me to see the look on my face in this photo. 7/30/14. I had just gotten that shirt with the Peter Pan collar, and I was so excited for it. When I put it on, I didn’t look cute or vintage-y, and I didn’t like the way I looked. You can SEE how miserable I was. I remember how much pain I was in, how I could barely walk anymore because at 5’1″ with a small frame, my body was not designed to carry 353.4 pounds. I had seriously injured my left knee simply by walking down the stairs at work in April 2014, and the next few months were comprised of one over-compensating injury after another. Every morning when I woke up, I braced myself for the pain I was going to feel when I tried to stand up out of bed. D and I vacationed in the Finger Lakes in New York in June, and we didn’t do much of anything except drive around, eat, and hang out in a casino. Watkins Glen was right there with all those beautiful waterfalls, and I couldn’t walk to see them and photograph them. What kind of life is that? How was that fair to my husband, who wanted to do those things and couldn’t just because I couldn’t? I had just turned 29 years old, and I felt like I had absolutely ruined my body. That body used to be so strong, and I ruined it.

Inspired (and slightly obsessed with comparison photos), I put it beside a photo I had just taken that morning to show off my regular-sized (not plus!) sweater.


My eyes don’t look so sad anymore.

People say that the number on the scale doesn’t define who you are. I say that those people have never weighed 300+ pounds, or they are in denial about what they are doing to their bodies. At 350 pounds, my life was absolutely defined by how much I weighed. It dictated every decision I made. I can’t go to amusement parks because I can’t walk all day and I can’t fit in the rides. I can’t sit there because the chair arms are too close, and my hips don’t fit. I can’t fly to see my family because I’m too afraid I will have to buy two seats. I can’t cross my legs because.. I just can’t.

Honestly, at 260-odd pounds now, some of those things are still concerns. But I am not in that same sort of pain, and I do fit in close-armed chairs now! When I get up in the morning, I literally am able to leap out of bed instead of gingerly hobbling across the floor. I can walk over 2 miles without my back aching or my legs cramping. I am looking forward to vacation this summer because I am going to hike and maybe even kayak!

Oh, and I can SORT OF cross my legs now. Thunder thighs be damned!

14 thoughts on “Measuring Up: Month 6

  1. Alison,
    You have done so well. I’m so proud of you. I so glad I met you even if via e-net. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Your are adorable and amazing. Girl, you are looking so good! It’s amazing the difference in those pictures.
    Gods blessings to you,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Deborah! Creating this blog and actually writing out reminders of where I’ve come from has been the best thing I could have done for myself. Little did I know it at the time! I was originally just looking for accountability, but I’ve learned so much more from you and everyone else I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with. Thank you for all of your support and kindness!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much. This was obviously a very emotional post for me to put together! It didn’t start out that way, but it kind of took on a life of its own!

      And as for the dress, Gwynnie Bee! I really loved it and am considering re-closeting…

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  2. I love this post! Your steady losses and dedication are really really motivating when I’m having a rough time! I always enjoy hearing your updates.

    I do love how much quicker I can see changes happening with my shape now as opposed to when I first started, back then I felt it took a good 30 pounds to notice any small difference. Now every 5 or 10 pounds I’m seeing changes.

    For some reason I just had this random pang of fear (this happens semi-regularly) of what will happen when I hit my goal and if I will gain the weight back. Then I was like ‘No, I’ll have Alison and everyone on here to help keep me in line!’

    I know it’s still a ways down the road, but I know we’ll get there, and I hope you keep blogging on maintenance! 🙂

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  3. This is AMAZING. You look so phenomenal and your happiness really shines through. You worked so hard for this and I am very proud of you. I’m glad to see you’re embracing your successes! Sounds like another trip for you and your hubby are in order.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Emma!! I think you’re right. We live right near a river adventure company (I’m talking within about 3 miles), and I just asked D last night if he would be up for kayaking this summer. He’s all in! We both love being on the water, but we are usually in a motor boat, which is nice but noisy. I think it will be incredible to spend a day on the river without all that noise!


      • I love kayaking (even though it hurts my shoulders a bit – thanks, shoulder injuries). I think you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet! Plus it’s a good arm and core workout. So there’s your perfect excuse for treating you and D to a day on the water.

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