I’m on Social Media?

I mentioned to someone the other day that my goal this year is to share my blog with people I actually know.

I know it doesn’t make much sense that I can shout my weight from the top of Blogosphere Mountain day and night, but when it comes to cluing in people I know, I’m hesitant. Something about sharing all of this really, trulyΒ private information with people who really know me or see me on a regular basis is intimidating… scary… terrifying.

So, even though I am on just about every social media platform there is (and really bad at keeping up with all of them), I put off creating a Facebook page for my blog. Actually, I created one back in August, but I never published it because, gasp! My family and friends and, err, acquaintances are on there!

Last night, I did it. I uploaded some pictures, updated some links, laid out the red carpet. I published my very own facebook page to promote my blog! And I invited LionessLivesΒ to Like it. And my sister-in-law. That was it. As I looked down over my friend’s list (which seriously consists of about 30 people since I swore off personal social media and decided to only use it to connect with family), I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bear the thought of seeing these faces cloud over with pity the next time we spoke in person.

BUT, the page is out there, and if they stumble upon it… so be it. I think it’s time that I came out of the closet! And of course, you are all more than welcome toΒ visit my NEW Facebook page here!

16 thoughts on “I’m on Social Media?

  1. You are brave! πŸ˜€ I didn’t start a facebook page, as I didn’t want my family and neighbors to know too much about my personal life. Maybe I should rethink that, as having friends and family in “the know” may help with support.

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  2. I cross-posted my blog on Facebook the very first day, but mostly because so many of my friends and family were curious about my drastic change in diet. Thanks, inflammatory issues! One of my first posts had my weight on a pic, and I can’t tell you how freeing that felt. Hopefully you feel the same way! The love and support I’ve gotten has been crazy. Heartwarming too πŸ˜ƒ Now if I could just stop eating on target and still not lose any weight! Dang salt…

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  3. Of course I love it!!
    I feel the same way. I created my page only using “Lionesslives” and I recently changed it to my real name which was a Huge accomplishment! Then, the people you may know showed everybody from my family, friends, work, and high school acquaintances! I went on a blocking frenzy in fear that they’ll find it. It’s so scary to think of sharing this. I think I might steal your goal and try to share my big secret this year, too!

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  4. I had all my friends and family from facebook in on it from the very beginning. (Every time I post anything it just shoots it on over to my newsfeed.) For me personally, the peeps I have on facebook are super supportive. I’ll get texts or msgs saying, “I loved your blog post today, keep it up!” Its a nice thing to hear. πŸ™‚ for me, its a wonderful support team.

    good for you though for taking this big step! πŸ™‚

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    • You’re braver than I am, that’s for sure! In the beginning, I let everyone know my intentions, and I provide them with weekly weigh-in updates… But I just don’t get into the intimate details πŸ™‚ As always, I’m proud of you! And I’m a little in awe of your candor.

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  5. This is such an amazing goal/accomplishment! I am SO proud of you!

    I am so terrified of these two parts of my life intermixing that I don’t even put up photos of myself on my blog. I am way less concerned with the idea of all of you guys knowing who I am — I’m actually really OK with that! I’m just terrified that family members or friends or coworkers or whatever will show up, see my pictures, and know all of my deep, dark, personal thoughts and secrets.

    I am 100% open and honest on my blog, and I’m not exactly that way in person — at least not when it comes to my weight and my eating and dieting and whatever. I am very protective of all of that in real life.

    Someday I’d like for that to change. Someday I’d like to post pictures of myself on my blog and be OK with anyone and everyone seeing and reading about this part of my life.

    You’re an inspiration, Alison, and you make me want to follow in your footsteps! Maybe I’ll get there someday! πŸ™‚


    • As usual, we are on the same page about this! I am an extremely private person about my weight loss, in the sense that I won’t go to a gym or take walks around my neighborhood. I have told my husband, my sister in law, and one coworker what I weigh. I’m definitely not ready to be posting sports bra pics or wear shorts in public, but I feel like this added accountability of admitting, “yeah, I weighED 350 pounds,” will help to keep me on track.

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  6. Well done. I’ve got a Facebook page but haven’t promoted it at all. Still working on whether i want there to be too much information out there. I think Hootsuite is a website where you can gather all your social media together if you’re finding it hard to monitor them all! x


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