On the Eve of Post-Christmas Weigh-In

I’ll be honest. This week didn’t go precisely as I had planned it. It didn’t go horribly awry, but it wasn’t as good as I had hoped.

There were cookies… and vodka… and chips/salsa. I tracked everything, and I didn’t even dip into my weeklies on Christmas! It’s just that the quality of food wasn’t quite where it should be, which can be expected, in light of the holiday.

As a preventative measure, I stepped on the scale Christmas morning and saw that I had lost FIVE pounds since my Monday weigh-in. While part of me wanted to make sure I maintained that loss, another part of me said that another big loss like that was too much, and I’m losing weight too fast, and I need to let go of some of that control sometimes. So, Friday night, my husband and I played cards, and I indulged in caramel flavored vodka mixed with Sprite Zero. Oh, and I added some to coffee, which was delicious, too!

To be honest, I regret it. I had a headache yesterday, and I’m still retaining a ton of water! I don’t regret the time spent with my husband, but I didn’t need to drink as much as I did… especially when I’m not accustomed to drinking anymore!

I did hop on the scale this morning to see the potential damage, but I won’t spoil the results for you. I will say that I was disappointed.

In other news, we had our last Christmas function today at D’s grandmother’s house. It was just me, D, his brother, and grandma. It was so nice to just be able to sit down at the table and really talk to Grandma without a bajillion people running around everywhere. As for the rest of Christmas, D and I made out like bandits this year! I got no less than THREE cookbooks, a fancy new can opener, and a new Crockpot (since, as you’ve all heard, I HATE mine), among other things.

Rachael over at My Journey — One Day at a Time just posted a huge NSV for her, and I’d like to piggyback off that. She wrote about really seeing herself in a full-length reflection for the first time. I don’t have a full-length mirror either, and had a similar experience today. I was kind of amazed when I saw myself in the full-length mirror at D’s grandma’s house. I probably spent about 3 minutes staring at myself, totally in awe of the changes. Since I have a pear-shaped body, I carry most of my weight in my hips and thighs, and I couldn’t believe how my butt doesn’t look like it extends halfway up my back anymore! It was an Aha! moment, that THIS is why my body doesn’t hurt so much when I move now. THIS is why I can speed-walk and keep up with my long-legged husband. THIS is why said husband can’t keep his hands off me. THIS is why my knees don’t creak so much. THIS is worth it. THIS is why I’m having a sober New Year’s Eve.

Speaking of a sober New Year’s Eve, I finally broke down and ordered Cards Against Humanity. I am pretty pumped to play! But I have also been toying with the idea of going to the bowling alley to ring in the new year. I like the idea of actually getting up and doing something active instead of sitting around and playing cards. Maybe I can do both. I don’t think the bowling alley is opening until 10 pm for NYE.

What are your plans for ringing in the New Year? Will you keep it sober?

13 thoughts on “On the Eve of Post-Christmas Weigh-In

  1. No big plans for me and hubby. We have three little ones, will stay home and spend the night as we usually do and go to bed early. Gosh, we already act like old folkies. 🙂 No drinking for me, I’m not the drinking type. I don’t much care for the taste of alcohol.

    Your cards and bowling idea sounds like fun though. I hope you have a great New Years Eve and I’m glad you are noticing real changes in how you look. The other day I put on a pair of pants that I had worn a while back and they no longer fit. They were huge. So I proceeded to put on yet another pair that I had wore maybe a month ago ago and they were way to big too!

    It’s a great feeling to see results and to feel great about it. You go girl, let’s keep it up together and reach our weight loss goals!


    • Congratulations on your enormous pants! 😉 I like the sound of your NYE. I am allergic to most alcoholic beverages, but I do love the taste of beer. Unfortunately, most of the good-tasting beers are now on the allergy list! All wine is out, but I never cared much for wine anyway.

      Secretly, I hate New Year’s Eve. It’s the most hyped-up non-holiday ever, and it’s supposed to be this big, grand, crazy night… it always ends up being disappointing!

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      • Yeah, we’ve never seen what all the hype is about! I hope whatever you do you have a good time and enjoy. What I am excited about is my husband gets another 4 day weekend out of it, which I love because he is home more to spend time with me. 🙂

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  2. I have been having the same eating issues over the holidays! Not sure how this weigh in is going to go this week but I’m nervous! I’m kicking it up a bit the next few days!
    Thankfully, I’ve been sober since July. I will be having a very relaxing movie marathon on NYE with my boyfriend and at midnight, we will also get to celebrate our first anniversary!
    I think bowling sounds fun too, though!


    • I was sober from July until Thanksgiving… I guess most people feel the need to eat over the holidays, but I feel like I need to drink! I’d rather have a few mixed drinks than cake or candy or fast food, and I’m really struggling with allowing myself to drink on NYE! It’s a holiday! Aren’t I supposed to get drunk? Haha

      Congratulations on your first anniversary! That’s so exciting 🙂 And as always, I have faith in you and your weigh-in!


      • I feel like everyone is supposed to lol but I’ve realized that everyone has their own happiness. If yours includes getting hammered on NYE, then get it, girl! It’s a holiday and you totally deserve it!

        As always, thank you for your support.

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  3. Yay!

    I just commented back on my own blog post and congratulated you on your own mirror experience, but I’ll say it again here: I’m so happy for you and proud of you! I know it feels so good to finally be able to see the changes! Go us! ❤

    Oh, and thanks for shouting me out here in your blog, by the way! 🙂

    As for NYE, I'm staying sober, too. I am planning to go to Papa Murphy's and pick up one of their small delite pizzas and have a couple of pieces of that and maybe a small side salad. And I'll definitely be drinking water all night! Then I'm just planning to stay home with my puppy and watch Netflix. No greasy bar food and alcohol for this girl! Maybe next year—who knows!

    Your plans sound fun! Cards Against Humanity is actually a really fun game. My ex-boyfriend bought it earlier this year and we played a lot over the summer. There's also a board game called Logo that is SO FUN. I got it for Christmas this year and my family and I sat around and played it on Christmas afternoon before I went back to my house. It's great!

    The bowling alley would be fun, too. Just watch out for the beer and French fries! They get me every time when I bowl!

    Good luck! I know you will be successful! I'm looking forward to the weigh-in blog! ❤


    • Thanks for the game recommendation! We love playing games and are always looking for new ones to try.

      I keep seeing people talking about Papa Murphy’s all of a sudden. I’ve never heard of it! Is it a regional thing? I think I will pick up some cheese and crackers to satisfy the husband, and I picked up some wheat ciabatta rolls yesterday, along with some fresh basil, to make roasted red pepper and turkey paninis with fresh pesto.

      And fortunately, because I live in the middle of nowhere, my bowling alley does not serve food or drinks 😉 Though, it is BYOB for NYE, but I’m not terribly worried about that!

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      • I love games, too! My girlfriends and I get together once a month to have boozy brunch and play games. Super fun!

        Until you mentioned that, I thought that Papa Murphy’s was a national thing, but I looked it up, and “there are currently over 1,425 stores in 38 states, plus fourteen more in Canada and three in Dubai, UAE.” They’re a franchised operation.

        So maybe there isn’t one in your neck of the woods! There are a TON of them in my area, though. It’s a take-n-bake pizza place. You go in and they make the pizza right there (it’s a deli-like set up, sort of) and then you take it home and cook it yourself. Their slogan is “that’s love at 425 degrees.”

        It’s not the best pizza in the world by any means, but they have a bunch of gourmet “delite” pizzas that are point-friendly. The delites are pizzas with a super thin crust—so thin that you basically have to eat it with a fork because it doesn’t hold up like regular pizza. But it’s definitely a nice little treat when you want to have pizza without it costing you 7 or more P+ per slice! The gourmet vegetarian (which is what I usually get) is 4P+ per slice. 🙂

        Your paninis sound soooo good! They’ll probably be better than my pizza! Haha!

        And wow! You really must live in the middle of nowhere! I’ve never been to a bowling alley that doesn’t serve beer and shitty food. 😉 Then again, I live in the city, so places that serve beer and shitty food are pretty much the norm.

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      • They only just passed an ordinance in my town within the past 10 years allowing restaurants to apply for liquor licenses. If you want to drink around here, you need to find a field with pickup trucks or a cabin… or a bonfire. It’s always acceptable to drink around a fire. Haha!

        I just looked it up, and my closest Papa Murphy’s is in Maryland! That explains why I’ve never heard of it!

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