Christmas Week and Seasonal Depression

Good morning!

My company gave us Christmas and the day after as company-paid holidays, but I figure I deserved more than those two days, so I took Monday-Wednesday as well! I didn’t have any big plans for this week. I would normally spend at least the weekend before Christmas baking several dozen cookies and making batches of fudge, but this year, I decided not to do that. Maybe I will pick it back up next year, but I didn’t feel like it was a good idea this time around. So, what am I doing with myself during this whole week off?

So far, I’ve been relaxing. I haven’t worked out in about 3 weeks. I’ve been feeling really tired a lot of the time, and I know it is due to stress and lack of working out, but do you see me getting my workouts in? My dad gave me a gift card for Amazon, so I am planning to find a new workout on there to mix things up a little. I get bored with workout routines very easily, since I am naturally lazy, so I am constantly needing to find ways to mix things up.

In addition to the relaxing, I’ve been cleaning. I didn’t get to my fall cleaning this year, so I am making up for it now! Is there anything better than a really clean house?

Annnnd I’ve been shopping. I started my Christmas shopping way back in August because (as you all know), I am a crazy, couponing cheapskate most of the time, and when I see an amazing deal, I can’t pass it up! Anyway, the shopping has kicked into overdrive over the past 2 weeks or so. Even little ol’ cheapskate me gets swept up into the holiday spirit! My company gave us $40 Visa gift cards for Christmas, so I was planning to maybe go find myself a pair of shoes today, but there has been freezing rain and ice throughout my area since yesterday evening, so I have been trying to wait it out. Ugh, winter in Pennsylvania.

I think the winter thing might also have something to do with my lack of motivation to work out lately too. I loathe winter! I don’t like that it’s dark all the time. I don’t like driving in snow and ice! There have been years in the past where I really succumbed to seasonal depression. I don’t want that to happen again this year! I know I need to stay active to keep my mind off how dark and dreary it is outside.

What are your tips for beating the winter blues? And how are you handling the holidays?

15 thoughts on “Christmas Week and Seasonal Depression

  1. My company gives us the week between Christmas and New Year’s day off, along with Christmas Eve. I added Monday and Tuesday to make it a full two weeks.

    We have parties to go to this week, and of course Christmas itself, so the blues can’t really creep in much. For that matter, the Holidays in general tend to keep them away. My trouble time is January and February.

    My plan this year is to keep busy. I plan to have some projects lined up at home that will be challenging and fun.

    I grew up in Ohio, and live in Michigan. I know exactly what you mean about long, dark nights, and ice covered roads. Let me just throw this little bit of fun, hopefulness your way. We are past the Winder Solstice. From now, until June 21, the days will be getting LONGER by a little bit every day. As far as the darkness goes, the worst is over!


    • That is a good point, Bobby! I do usually look forward to the Winter Solstice for that reason. It has been snowing here on and off since Thanksgiving-ish, and it doesn’t normally start any of that nonsense here until January, so I think we’re in for a hard winter. Fortunately, I can work from home if the weather is bad, but then I end up with a bad case of cabin fever!

      It’s really nice that your company gives you so much time off! I’m a little jealous 😉

      Have fun at your parties! I can’t wait to hear about them.


      • I reap the benefit of working for a coma y with a strong union. I’m white collar, but we follow the same holiday schedule.

        You and I seem to think alike about this season. Yeasterday it wasn’t snowing, but I think that mood of mine was partly cabin fever.

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  2. I too, totally know how you’re feeling! Minnesota born and raised and never gonna leave this crazy cold state. Driving when it’s icy is terrible. What I do when I’m feeling down is, if Im being super lazy I’ll turn on some really up beat music. I jam and dance around like a fool and try to pump myself up. 🙂 plus, it puts me in a better mood because it cracks me up thinking how crazy I must look. 😛

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    • I am with you on the upbeat music business! I have been doing a lot of that crazy home alone dancing lately, but I hadn’t considered using it as a tool to fend off the blues.

      I’ve considered leaving PA for a more temperate climate, but I do love it here!

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  3. I get the winter blues too, and I’m in California. The most we get is rain, and some especially beautiful sunny cool days. It has to be more than just the weather that makes this season harder to deal with! I got new shoes though, and that seems to have reinvigorated me.


  4. 🙂 Love this time of year. I get Christmas & the day after off as well. We close at noon though tomorrow–so I thought I’d work it. My grandma always started the following years christmas shopping the day after Christmas– she loved deals to. I did everything on Amazon–thank you amazon prime!


    • I love shopping the day after Christmas, too! My mom always did that and passed it on to me. It’s like a lesser-known Black Friday. One year, my brother and I saw two ladies fighting over wrapping paper! haha

      I did a lot of my shopping on Amazon- also a Prime member! I have an addiction.


  5. I’m lucky because I don’t get the winter blues. I absolutely LOVE winter. It’s my favorite time of year and it’s something I always look forward to. I find myself longing for the cold and snow during the summer months. I’m Colorado born and raised, so I’m a ski bunny! I love it.

    I’ve found myself slacking with my workouts, too, though. I haven’t been doing any exercise at all (aside from trying to get more walking in when I can, like in parking lots and at the store etc.). I need to get back on the horse. I’m not sure how to motivate myself to do that, though, so let me know if you find a new workout routine that you really enjoy! Maybe I can try it, too!

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    • I feel the same way about the workouts. Though I was just thinking this morning about how even though I’m not “working out” during a dedicated session, I’m still more active than I ever was before. I dance around the house, run around and play with my animals, just get up and walk more in general. I think that counts for something!


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