Weeks 19 and 20 Weigh-Ins

So, I have been a bad, bad blogger. I bet you all thought that I up and gained or gave up completely! Not the case at all. I’ve just been busy, what with the holidays coming up.

Without further ado…

  • Starting Weight: 353.4 lbs
  • Week 18: 289.0 lbs
  • Week 19: 284.4 lbs
  • Week 20: 282.4 lbs
  • Change since last blog: -6.6 lbs
  • Change overall: -71.0 lbs

I hit my 20% (282.7) goal! Just in time for Christmas. My reward for this goal was to be new undergarments since all of mine were much too big, but I couldn’t pass up Black Friday deals and bought those a few weeks back.

Next up: 25%/265.1. I think I will reward that effort with a new dress! I’d better start looking…

In many ways, I feel as though I’ve really hit my stride. I have a routine, and I rarely crave things that are “bad” for me. On Friday, my husband and I went out for dinner at a local restaurant for the first time since we went to Applebees with his parents a few months back. I decided that I was going to get a burger with a side salad. Nothing crazy, just one patty, no mayo. I decided on a Mushroom Swiss Burger, and I ate half of it at the restaurant (7 PP). I drank a couple waters with lemon and housed my (enormous) garden salad with oil/vinegar dressing. 

My burger came with a side of Hartley’s plain potato chips (AKA my favorite chips ever.. they’re only available in 3 counties), and my salad for some reason came with a loaf of bread. I didn’t touch them and shuffled them over to D, who had ordered a double cheeseburger and fries.

We took home more food than we actually ate in the restaurant, I’m sure of it. Half my burger, half of D’s fries, 3/4 of the loaf of bread/butter, and all of the chips. This got us talking. There was a time when we would have gone out for dinner and eaten everything on the table between the two of us, and we would have ordered MORE. An appetizer to share, giant burgers and fries for both of us… it all would have been gone. It was a revelation. Neither one of us wants to eat like that anymore.

And here’s the kicker: both of our stomachs rebelled against the meal we ate. I ate half of a quarter-pound burger, and I suppose it was more grease than I am accustomed to these days. Within minutes of returning home, we were both in the bathroom (luckily, we have two, haha). They say that bariatric surgery patients experience “dumping syndrome” after eating high-fat or high-sugar meals… well, apparently I now do too. That was enough incentive for me not to eat the second half of that burger. It was miserable!

The thing is, I had my gallbladder removed in December 2009, and I’ve had issues with certain greasy foods (donuts are out, lol) for years, but that didn’t stop me from chancing it on some of them before. That’s awful. These IBS symptoms would last for sometimes days after certain meals, and I just lived with it because eating greasy, fat-laden food for 10 minutes was more important to me than the rest of the day’s comfort. Instant gratification, followed by interminable discomfort. I don’t want to go back to that.

Anyway, catch me up! What have I been missing the past few weeks??

5 thoughts on “Weeks 19 and 20 Weigh-Ins

  1. Just to pick up on the IBS thing – I struggled for years with this and there weight I put on the worse the symptoms were but even though I knew some of the triggers I would eat them thinking “it won’t matter too much”, unfortunately I would them be crippled in agony and once I was with a friend and she started crying because she didn’t know what to do to help. It really upset me. I now try to avoid my triggers and if I do decide to eat something that may set me off I am quick to come home or stay near a bathroom. Congratulations for your meal and I hope I will get to that place soon where I don’t feel obliged to eat what’s on the table. (In England if it’s left on the plate you don’t get to take it go me (in majority of restaurants.)) Thank you for some inspiration. X


  2. I think maybe it is easier not to eat it right away if you know you will be able to eat it later. I didnt realize that this wasn’t common practice in England! I know that a lot of people in America will ask for a box before they even get their food, just so they can immediately box up half of it and aren’t tempted by it.

    And I know what you mean with the IBS. It’s painful, and it’s embarrassing. I still occasionally have issues. I honestly think that some days, it just doesn’t matter what you eat, it’s going to be an IBS day! But I was just so glad that we went home instead of out somewhere else after dinner. I think that whatever I can do in the future to help myself avoid that situation… It will be done! Haha

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. And good luck with your IBS! I hope you are right about weight loss and the symptoms.


  3. I am so, so proud of you, Alison!

    Your whole attitude has changed; it’s easy to see that just from this blog. The fact that you didn’t touch your favorite chips or the bread AND the fact that you and your husband talked about not wanting to eat how you once did is so huge. You continue to be a big inspiration for me! ❤

    I have noticed that my stomach rebels against some foods now, too. If I eat out at certain restaurants now, I come home and feel sick for the majority of the night afterwards. Our bodies are changing! 😀

    Congratulations, too, on the 6.6 lbs. you lost during these weeks! You are really catching up to me now! My weigh-in day was this morning, and I'm at 281 lbs. exactly. You're barely a pound heavier than me now! You might just surpass me on your next weigh-in day! 😉

    You are doing such a great job, and I really am proud of you!

    Keep it up, girl!

    I hope you had a great Christmas. I'm looking forward to reading about it! ❤

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    • Thank you so much, Rachael! I really appreciate all your positivity. It’s really crazy to me how much my body is changing, and even how much my husband’s body is changing. I think back to the last time I lost weight, and how different this time is. I learned so much from that endeavor that actually gaining all that weight back was worth it in the long run, I think. Last time, we ate a lot of processed foods, including a lot of frozen meals. I think that’s the biggest difference this time. Changing the quality of food we’re eating just changes everything. I had a sweet potato yesterday that I was just over the moon about, lol. Now when I eat processed foods or sugary things, all I can taste is the salt and the sugar… not that I haven’t had a few cookies this week 😉


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