Measuring Up: Month 3


In spite of losing “only” 7.2 pounds in October, I also lost 7.75 inches!

Total Inches Lost: 20.75″

Waist to Hip Ratio: 0.72 (aka SUPER PEAR)


  • Starting: 49″
  • Last month: 45.5″
  • Current: 44.0″
  • Overall Change: -5.0″

Right Bicep:

  • Last month: 20.5″
  • Current: 19.5″
  • Overall Change: -1.5″


  • Starting: 51″
  • Last month: 47.0″
  • Current: 45.5″
  • Overall Change: -5.5″

Right Thigh:

  • Last month: 34.0″
  • Current: 33.5″
  • Overall Change: -2.0″


  • Starting: 66″
  • Last month: 62.5″
  • Current: 61.25″
  • Overall Change: -4.75″

I am really looking forward to this week’s weigh in. The 21 Day Fix workouts have been going well, my food choices have been on point, and my knees feel better than they have probably for about a year! Yesterday, we had our annual Halloween pot luck, and while I brought food, I didn’t eat any of the luncheon food. I brought my lunch and ate it just before the luncheon started. Then, I spent the hour socializing with my coworkers instead of stuffing my face.

In other news, I have had a migraine/nausea since yesterday afternoon… or I thought it was a migraine. I’m really not sure, but I am feeling icky. I’ve been taking it easy and making sure to drink lots of water. Not sure if I’ll get today’s workout in or not, but we’ll see!

One thought on “Measuring Up: Month 3

  1. Well done on your progress so far! Never say ‘only’…you need to celebrate every pound, no matter how little it may seem to you;) You’ve done really well!


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