21 Day Fix

I just finished day 2, round 1 of the 21 Day Fix workout.

“Sore” is an understatement!

I find that I’m able to keep up with the workouts (following some of the modifications). Instead of feeling discouraged that I have to do modifications, I’m feeling impressed by how far I’ve come since August! I would NOT have been able to do this program 3 months ago. My body feels stronger in spite of the fact that I am currently unable to bend over to tie my shoes and have to brace myself to sit on the toilet.

It’s a good hurt.

I’m feeling optimistic about following through on this workout regime. My sister-in-law is doing it too (she’s following the full 21 Day Fix program), and having someone to talk to about the workouts as I do them is really motivating.

As for my measurements, I’ve decided to wait until 10/31 to record them… both to capture a full month and hoping for an extra few inches in 3 days!

How are your workouts going? Are you trying anything new? How do you beat those sore muscles?

One thought on “21 Day Fix

  1. The bracing for the toilet part cracked me up because it’s so true! After I did all those squats a while back.. Omg! I’m looking for a good challenge for November to get my butt into gear! Planking sounds like a definite possibility!


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