Dinner with the In-Laws

Tomorrow, my in-laws are taking my husband and me out for our anniversary: dinner and a movie. Restaurant of choice? Applebee’s.

It’s really nice of them to treat us, and I love spending time with them (I got pretty lucky in the in-law lottery), but I’m sort of dreading it. I’d rather they came over here and let me cook something awesome!

So, I’ve been scouring the nutrition information online. With my weigh-in on Monday, I’m especially concerned with excessive amounts of sodium, especially since I have a definite problem with water retention. I’m so glad that I didn’t just go by the Points values of this food. Sure, Applebee’s has a Weight Watchers menu, but that “healthy” food is absolutely LOADED with sodium.

Applebees WW Nutrition

To put this in perspective:


Source: CDC Data

All but 2 of those “healthy” options provide more than the adequate daily intake amount of sodium. No, thanks.

Coming in at 9 PointsPlus and 900 mg of sodium: the winner is the regular Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with no dressing… and about 700 glasses of water.

Applebees Salads

Still not much of a winner. I’m going to be hungry in an hour! I’m seriously considering stashing some snacks in my purse to eat during the movie when my mother-in-law isn’t looking at me. I also might eat a very large lunch/snack before we meet up with them. I don’t want to make them feel bad, and I don’t want to be ungrateful! I also want to do what’s best for me!

My awesome husband tells me he’s in my corner and is going to order whatever I order. He just keeps getting better!

One thought on “Dinner with the In-Laws

  1. Sodium is huge problem for me. Especially since it seems that all the healthier foods are loaded with it. I try to up my potassium on days I eat a lot of sodium which helps a little bit but not tons. Also I went out with my hubby yesterday and I wish I would of looked at calories before we went because I just said the heck with it I’ll have pulled pork and mash potatoes!! Yup 1500 calories later I felt guilty


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