One Photo

I’m taking the challenge from fellow blogger Mary-Jane of to post a photo of myself at any stage or life that I loved.

Because I’m pretty vain, I had a hard time narrowing down exactly which photo I wanted to use, but they all centered around the same day: October 9, 2010, the day I married my crazy, handsome husband. It’s just plain luck that today is our anniversary!

Wedding 3

The original is on another computer, so I swiped this one from Facebook… excuse the graininess!

Why I chose this photo

Besides the obvious (we are gorgeous!), I chose this particular shot because it was the most perfect, beautiful October day to ever be married on a historic bridge in rural Pennsylvania. It was 70 degrees and sunny, and we stood in front of our immediate families and closest friends (roughly 45 people) in a very short and to-the-point ceremony. Family is important to both of us. We didn’t want a giant blowout wedding; we wanted to share our love with the people we knew would always be there with us.

In spite of the fact that I had gained 20 pounds in the months leading up to my wedding (and had planned to lose at least 20!), I don’t think I’ve ever felt more radiant. I weighed around 250 pounds here, and I just felt amazing. You can’t see it in this particular shot, but my cleavage was incredible, to boot!

My husband is my best friend and my greatest supporter. We always have fun together, and he is so genuine, thoughtful (in his unconventional, couch- and tire-present-buying way), handy, and willing to do anything for me. Because he’s awesome, I bought him a new yoga mat for his anniversary gift!

Join the Challenge!

I love the idea of this challenge: celebrating the best in each of us for any reason or no reason at all. I encourage everyone to take a minute to post one of their favorite photos under the tag pblogdotco, too!

4 thoughts on “One Photo

  1. I don’t know if it was your positivity, the love you have your husband, or just wedding in general but I teared up reading your post. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with all of us out here on a weightloss journey. You truly defined loving yourself at any stage. ❤


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