Implementing Activity

Let’s be honest: I am still struggling with implementing activity into my daily life. While I have met my daily FitBit Flex step goals most days, I am still not so good about getting in actual workouts. So far this week, I worked out on Monday… that was it (and I was good and sore for 2 or 3 days!), unless you count an especially energetic bout of … umm, intimate times with the husband the other day.

I keep thinking about this. What can I do that I enjoy? I do honestly enjoy the Power 90 Sculpt circuit, and I used to LOVE yoga. These days, though, yoga is more uncomfortable than it is enjoyable, and I constantly find myself comparing my movements to how I USED to be able to do them. I know that I can’t expect to be super awesomely bendy right from the get-go, but it’s frustrating, and I don’t enjoy it right now. On Tuesday, I made it through an entire 5 minutes of the Power 90 yoga component before I just turned it off and sat on the couch.

For this reason, I keep trying to find other workouts that I will enjoy in the meantime. I know I keep talking about my knees, but my right foot has also been bothering me since mid-August when I did yoga one day, and since then, it has been bothering me in the same place that I had broken it nearly 4 years ago. I don’t know why it hurts since it’s never bothered me since it healed, and I feel like I should go to the doctor, but part of me has been putting that off because I want to have lost 50 lbs before I go back to the doctor. I know it’s silly, but I’m craving praise!

I know, I need to just pick something and do it. No excuses. I will feel better in the long run, and the more I strengthen muscles around problem areas like my knees, the more I will be able to do. I would like to go back to physical therapy, but I don’t think that my HSA can handle it, plus my physical therapist will totally yell at me for messing up my knees after she fixed them last year.

Does anyone out there have knee issues? What workouts have you found that were doable, yet also worked to strengthen your knees? I need help!


6 thoughts on “Implementing Activity

  1. I have serious knee issues, so I don’t do yhe workout DVDs that require a lot of “bouncing around”. In fact, I CAN’T workout without headphones because it scares me.and makes me sad to hear my knees grind. 😦

    Regular or stationary bike is easy on the knees. Add intervals for more effective workouts. I’ve also stuck to body weight circuit training, which include squats and lunges and while they REALLY bothered me at first, there has been noticeable improvement in the strength of my knees and balance, too. It’s all going to feel kind of blah for awhile but nothing worth it is ever easy!

    Good luck. 🙂


    • Don’t force how low you can go on squats or lunges if you decide to do them, as flexbility and strength improves they get lower and easier to do. Use a support for the lunges for awhile if you need to. I did for about a month and a half before I didn’t need to anymore.

      Also, sorry for typos, my phone is super broken! Ha.


      • The crunching and grinding is the worst! I have been implementing squats and lunges, and there is noticeable improvement in them. I guess this was just my moment to get up on my soapbox and complain to the blogosphere!

        Thank you for the tips. I hadn’t considered biking. I’m not ready to pull my bike out of the shed yet… Maybe I can talk my husband into buying me a stationary bike for our anniversary this week!


      • Don’t worry, I still have to talk myself into working out alllllll the time. “You know you feel better just ten minutes into stretching and it’s easier from there, just get started!” So true, I say it all the time. Been doing it all morning and only finally about to get started, haha.

        That would be an awesome anni present! Ours is this month, too. 🙂


  2. hi there! My husband recently tore his ACL so working out is a challenge. I took up aerial silks a few years ago and fell in love. He always admired it but thought it was girly. He now uses my silk in the backyard to do anti gravity yoga. There is heaps of clips on youtube you can watch so you would just need to purchase a silk and hang it somewhere. It focuses on strectching and low impact body weight workouts. You’ll be surprised how sore your muscles are the day after.
    He also does a lot of swimming 🙂


  3. i had an accident about 8 years ago. i broke my right ankle and 5 bones in my right foot, and and my right knee has never–and will never–be the same again after it was dislocated for about 12 or so hours as the doctors tried to determine just what was broken and how bad things were. now my knee constantly dislocates–even if i just happen to move it the “wrong” way–and i have to be very, very careful when exercising. i did about 2 years of physical therapy, and the stationary bike was my trainer’s go-to. it’s super, super easy on the knees. also, the elliptical is great, too, because your knees are fairly stationary. my trainer also had me spend a little time on the rowing machine, but that was my least favorite, so i spent the least amount of time there. if you go to a gym (which i am still terrified to do myself), the rowing machines do give a great workout–it’s just something that will take a bit of getting used to! 🙂


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