Week 7 Weigh-In

Well, I annihilated my 10% goal. Blew right by it!

  • Starting Weight: 353.4 lbs
  • Last Week: 319.0 lbs
  • Current Week: 312.4 lbs
  • This week’s change: -6.6 lbs
  • Change overall: -41.0 lbs
  • Next Goal: 15% (300.4 lbs)

What did I do differently this week? I walked 20 minutes every day, and I ate MORE. That’s it! This week, the plan is to walk 25 minutes every day. My pace is pretty slow, but I’m noticing improvements already. For the most part, now when I get up after sitting for a while, it doesn’t take me a few steps to “get going” or work out the stiffness. There’s definitely much less stiffness, and my knees don’t feel like they’re being torn out of my body every time I stand up.

As for the eating, I used nearly all of my 49 weekly points allowance. I didn’t use them on processed junk though (except for my awesome Yoplait Honey Caramel Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars, because they’re my favorite indulgence… and also turkey pepperoni, because I love it). I’ve been eating more nuts and nut butters. Has anyone tried Crazy Richard’s Natural Peanut Butter? The only ingredient is peanuts… and it is absolutely delicious. I picked it up at my grocery store for about $3.69. I also ate a few crappy granola bars (5 points per pack! what!).

Anyway, because I follow the Weight Watchers Simply Filling plan, I don’t track what I eat, with the exception of foods that are not considered Power Foods. In past weeks, I have had roughly 20-22 of the WPA leftover, so I figure maybe by eating more, I actually gave a jolt to my metabolism.

Has anyone read the book about eating for your blood type? I know a couple people who have and swear by it, and it’s been on my mind lately. I’ve been wondering if I may have inadvertently stumbled upon the proper diet for my blood type, so I looked it up.

I have the rarest blood type: AB negative. According to Dr. D’Adamo, “‘Type AB has Type A’s low stomach acid, however, they also have Type B’s adaptation to meats. Therefore, you lack enough stomach acid to metabolize them efficiently and the meat you eat tends to get stored as fat. Your Type B propensities cause the same insulin reaction as Type B when you eat lima beans, corn, buckwheat, or sesame seeds.’ Inhibited insulin production results in hypoglycemia, a lowering of blood sugar after meals and leads to less efficient metabolism of foods.”

It was a sort of interesting read, though I’m not totally sold on living by it. However, most of the analysis centers around less efficient metabolism, which I would definitely have to say is a real issue of mine. I’ll look into it a little more, but no starches and proteins together? For shame! Also, I am just not a fish person… and apparently, I should be eating TONS of fish. No, thanks.

What are your thoughts on eating for your blood type?

9 thoughts on “Week 7 Weigh-In

  1. Hello. My sister, who is studying to be a dietitian, thinks that the blood type diet is rubbish. I haven’t done a lot of reading into it, but I personally am not convinced either – I’m usually wary of any diet that says your particular body type/ethnicity/category needs to cut out food group x or food group y or needs to eat less of a certain food group. But that’s just me and I haven’t done all the research yet. I’m just usually a bit of a skeptic when it comes to these things 🙂

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  2. Yay, keep it up! I find that changing up the way I’ve been eating usually results in a good loss. I think you have to throw your system a curve ball every once in a while to keep it on it’s toes!


  3. Way to go on another successful week! Keep up the good work, and stay the course on Weight Watchers.

    As for the blood type thing, I am suspicious. Seems a bit fadish to me. But, I am no doctor and haven’t done the research. My advice would be to talk to someone who IS a doctor or a licensed dietician and get their take.


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