I’ve had bad knees since I had a bad drunken dancing accident  when I was 21.

I figure there are worse ways to have gone down than on a beer-covered dance floor that lights up, but it has been an on-again, off-again struggle ever since. I went to physical therapy for 6 weeks last summer (and I LOVED it!) after my doctor told me that I had arthritis and an effusion on the right knee. It had me pretty well sorted out, but of course I wasn’t as diligent with those exercises in the months following my therapy.

This past April, my left knee popped as I was walking down the stairs at work. This incident led to 3 months of over-compensating injuries. It started with the left knee, then the left calf, then the right knee, the right calf, and finally the right foot.

While this was going on, I was thinking that I never want to go through any of this again. I’m not stupid; I realize these issues are arising due to my weight. At 5’1″ with a small frame (and freakishly tiny kneecaps… it’s a weird dwarf-ish family trait), my body was just not designed to hold anywhere near this amount of weight.

BUT, this post isn’t about me feeling bad about myself. I had to get the sob story out of the way to set the stage for this super deluxe news from tonight’s workout!

I’ve had some struggles with my knees in my workouts, trying to find the balance between strengthening my them and just aggravating them. Apparently, yoga is out for now, but I’ve been able to do strength and cardio with a mix of squats and quasi-lunges (whichever knee is in the back doesn’t like to bend, so it’s really more like runner’s stretches or crescent poses). I’ve also been diligent about doing my physical therapy exercises every night before bed. We’re on a tight budget these days, so I can’t afford glucosamine or osteo-biflex right now.

There is light at the end of the tunnel! Yesterday at work, I walked down the stairs without hobbling, and tonight in my workout, my lunges were almost like actual LUNGES. They weren’t 100%, but my back knee is actually sort of able to bend now!

I’ll chalk that up to one major NSV. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but I am so excited to get back to hiking and biking. That is my plan for next summer!

Oh, and I have seriously been crushing on pumpkin pie overnight oats. It’s bordering on breakfast obsession.


Tell me about your latest and greatest accomplishments!

5 thoughts on “Lunges

  1. I totally get the knee thing! I was in PT earlier this summer for mine. I thought I was getting my strength back when I got out of it until I tried jogging again.. I ended up limping for like 3 days after that. I hope to get mine back too!


    • We got this! Besides, wasn’t PT just so fun? I honestly loved it. I said more than a few times that if I had known how awesome physical therapy was, I would have effed myself up sooner 😉


  2. WTG! Lunges are tough, even with perfect knees. The fact that you’re actually listening to your body instead of ignoring it is a great thing in itself. Most people (especially runners) fight through the pain until they’re completely laid up for months (or longer) with permanent damage. You can tell I’ve known a few lol.

    I think you’ll continue to see positive feedback from your body as you continue to workout. I know I am. I can’t do a full lunge, either. But today I was able to at least make good form 🙂


    • Thanks, Sarah! And congrats on your progress with lunges, too! It’s so easy to be caught up in the comparison of “I used to be able to do this,” vs. “I can’t do this now.” I keep telling myself, “The last time you started this journey, the beginning wasn’t easy either. You will get back there.”


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