Week 4 Weigh-In

One month down! It’s been a good month, and an excellent start to my journey. Check out my weight tracker here.

This month, I was mainly focused on just getting started, getting into a groove, and staying on track. Since I’ve hit the 30-day mark (which is historically the point where I take a fantastic dive right off the wagon), I’ve been thinking about goals, both short-term and long-term. That’s material for my next post!

  • Starting Weight: 353.4 lbs
  • Last Week: 328.2 lbs
  • Current Week: 324.4 lbs
  • This week’s change: -3.8 lbs
  • Change overall: -29.0 lbs

29 pounds in 31 days! I couldn’t ask for anything more than that. I was hoping for 15-20.

What do I think are the major contributing factors? 

  1. No soda or booze: I did have 2 diet sodas this month, but that was it. I’ve never been a soda-holic, though I do enjoy spiced rums quite a bit. I told myself that I wouldn’t have any booze for at least the first 30 days because not only is rum high in calories, but I also drink it with diet soda, and it always leads to late-night greasy food binges.
  2. Water, water, water: I drink like a million ounces of water a day. Instead of sitting on the couch in the evenings and mindlessly eating, I drink water, and lots of it!
  3. No fast food or eating out on a regular basis: I had a Chipotle burrito bowl once, and I chose my ingredients solely from the Simply Filling Power Foods list.
  4. Limited processed foods and snacks: I cooked every day, and I packed my lunch every day. I chose fresh meats, fruits, veggies, and whole grains for my meals. I did not eat crackers or chips or 100-calorie packs of anything (except non-fat Greek yogurt!).
  5. If I was hungry, I ate, and I allowed myself indulgences: This goes back to the limited processed foods. While they are processed, I bought frozen Greek yogurt bars (Yoplait Honey-Caramel are a house favorite!) or “skinny” ice creams. I didn’t eat them every day, but if I wanted something to munch on, I grabbed one. I also keep popcorn in the house to help with snack-ish cravings.
  6. No obsessing: I didn’t obsess over every little thing I ate, and I didn’t obsess over the scale (except this past Saturday when I broke my once-a-week-scaling rule J). It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers. Simply Filling was great for this because I wasn’t counting every little thing I put in my mouth, especially because I’m a binge-eater/food addict. I’m learning to pay attention to my hunger signals, and I’m not eating just because I have points I need to use. I don’t know if you’ve ever looked, but at my weight, Weight Watchers gives you like a 49 PointsPlus daily allowance. I would like to know how I am supposed to eat whole and healthy foods (all fruits and vegetables are worth 0 PP!) and consistently hit 49 points per day.
  7. Planning: I know I’ve touched on this several times, but I coupon over the weekends, and I also try to cook 2-3 meals on Sunday that will last throughout the week. With D and I on opposite schedules, that always guarantees that there’s something for him to eat, too. When I do cook during the week, I always make enough that I can take leftovers for my lunch at work the next day.

What are the secrets to your weight loss success?

9 thoughts on “Week 4 Weigh-In

  1. Way to go!! That’s an amazing month! I’m trying to hit the 30 pound mark on day 85 (tomorrow) of my quest, so you’re doing great! Sticking with it has gotten me through the 84th day. Not letting myself quit, or go easy on myself has also been key. Keep it up!


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