Weekend Prep

So, I did manage to stay on track the rest of the week, and I didn’t even switch back to regular PP tracking. I’m pretty proud, though my husband did give into his sympathy cravings. He’s skinny and can do stuff like that. Ugh!

In other news, I am having a super productive weekend. I spent most of yesterday planning my shopping list and getting my coupons in order. Today, I did my grocery shopping, submitted my receipts to Checkout 51 and Receipt Hog (thanks to rowmangham’s tips!!), trimmed/labeled/bagged all my meat for the freezer, and started cooking to get a jumpstart for lazy weeknights. I will post the recipes later this evening. Oh, and my husband is currently doing all the dishes from my awesome cooking spree. I consider that a win.

I know gettingfitfor30 just posted about weekend meal planning, so I hope that I’m not just riding her coattails here. I do a slightly different version of this. For me (since I’m a financial analyst and a cheapskate), I start with what is on sale and what I have coupons for, then I plan my meals around those items. I also use a looser structure. I plan out 2-4 full dinners (counting on having enough leftovers for work lunches and maybe even a second dinner), and rotate breakfast choices depending on how late I am running or just what I am in the mood for.

This isn’t to say that I didn’t buy a spaghetti squash just because I kept seeing pinterest ideas for them.

I haven’t gotten in as much dedicated activity as I would have liked this week, but I was definitely more active. Working out has always been my weakness even though I know how good I will feel when it’s over!

Tomorrow is my 3rd weigh-in, and I’m sort of anticipating a gain just because I lost 20.8 pounds in a matter of two weeks (I’m pretty convinced it was all water weight). I DO know that I stuck to the plan in spite of the fact that I really didn’t want to at times! I wish I had taken measurements and a “before” picture, but I was firmly against that idea 4 weeks ago because I was so afraid of failure. My husband is infamous for taking horrible, fat photos of me, so I’m sure I can dredge up some of those to use as befores. Side note: I’m also not ready to announce my weight to the blogosphere, but I will get there in time.

Today’s Non-Scale Victory (NSV): I put on a maxi skirt this morning (which I always have to wear very high-waisted because I’m so short), and it was very loose at the top! This was followed up by waking up my husband to make him check out how roomy my cardigan was. It was a shock!

What are your current NSV’s? Let me have ‘em!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Prep

  1. Woo hoo on the NSV! Isn’t that the best feeling in the world? I cleaned out my closet today and got rid of all of the clothes that have gotten ridiculously big on me. All the more motivation to never get to that size again!


    • I am with you on that one!! I think that’s where I went wrong last time… I didn’t get rid of the clothes that were too big, so as I put weight back on, I just pulled them out of storage. BIG MISTAKE! Haha


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