Bottomless Pit Syndrome

I am having a very blah day. I wasnt planning to blog today, but ended up thinking that maybe it would be good to post about my first day where I’m just not feeling it.

Every month, I come down with what I refer to as Bottomless Pit Syndrome. This happens – you guessed it – as a PMS symptom. All I can think about is greasy, nasty food, and nothing ever satisfies it. I’m not actually hungry. I’ve had plenty of delicious food, and I’ve managed to hold it together so far. I am just really grumpy about it! Also, I’m retaining a ton of water, which is always uncomfortable and makes my knees ache.

I know this time is for real. Falling “off the wagon” is not an option. Just knowing that I’ve stayed on plan in spite of my intense cravings for grosstastic cafeteria food is a sign to me that I will not give up this time. I keep telling myself: it takes 90 days to form a habit. 18 days down!

I’m thinking that maybe I will switch to tracking for the rest of the week. That may afford the bit of wiggle room I am dying for. Another reason to love Weight Watchers 🙂

I’m sorry for the funk! I should be back to myself tomorrow. A good night’s sleep may be just what I need 🙂

How do you work through your funks??

One thought on “Bottomless Pit Syndrome

  1. No need to apologize. Thank you for being so honest on your blog. The fact that you are approaching this “bottomless pit” differently is a sure sign that you have it together. Keep up the good work and don’t despair.


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